Cookie Crush Match 3

Cookie Crush is a three by three game. Also, in which you are going to have a lot of fun. There are many different levels are available which you can use and play. This Cookie Crush is really fun.

And also we can say to you. So, you can better understand this. That is this that Cookie Crush is similar to the can crush game. But that is not so well looking. And also you can not play that on your computer and even more things which are lacking in that game. Also, in many other games too.

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But if you are going with Cookie Crush then things are going to be very beautiful. And there are a lot of things which you can enjoy and keep having fun. First of all, there are many different things that are available in it. Like that its graphics are beautiful and even more. If you love cookies then you should play this because. Everything in it is base on cookies. Every different type of cookies is available in it. Which you are going to love within it. Everything in it is just simple and really beautiful there are different things which you can get to know about in the below post.

Overview Of Cookie Crush Match 3

As we have discussed a few features of Cookie Crush in the above post. Here are all of the those remaining features that you were not able to know. So, first of all, let us start with its basic theme. So, in it, you are going to match the cookies with the three same colors. There are many different Cookie Crush available. And then you will have to find which cookies are matching. If three cookies are matching then you can easily swipe them with your mouse easily. And what it will do if they are matching then the board will keep getting cleared. Until it is done in the process.

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Also, there are many different powerups are available which you can use with it. They will help you in Cookie Crush to make the game more easy for you. If you are going to love it then you should know that if you are going to use them. Then they will make your game almost easy for you. You will not have to move too many pieces. If you have the powerups. And also there are many different kinds of powerups are available which you can use in it to enjoy.

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Download Link: Cookie Crush Match 3_v2.1.3.apk – 17.7 MB

Features Of Cookie Crush

  • Cookie Crush is a really fun and unique game with an interesting story.
  • Things are going to change in it if you like the candy crush.
  • Different kind of Cookie Crush is available for you to play.
  • More than 700 levels are available in it to enjoy.
  • The graphics are really good looking and fun.
  • Very nice background music is available in it to hear.
  • Power-ups are available which you can use to increase speed.
  • There is also a lot more than you are going to get with it.

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