Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is a very good game that you can also play for free. Above all, there is a lot of fun which you can do in the Tunnel Rush. And many different obstacles will be coming in your way when you will start playing it. Everything will depend on your decision. You can also get downloadable game form our site.

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Also, you will have to take a quick decision about what you will be going to do. There are three different difficulty levels that you can play in Tunnel Rush. The graphics of the Tunnel Rush are very good and amazing. They will make the game more fun and entertaining for you. If you want to enjoy in the world full of obstacles then you should start playing it.

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Overview Of Tunnel Rush

It is a very good game with a beautiful and interesting story. You will be racing in a tunnel and you will have to protect yourself against. Thousand of different obstacles that will be coming in your way. And also they can destroy you just in a few seconds. Which will make your life hell. Your job is simple. Take decisions quickly so that you can get to the next point. Also, you will have to keep doing this until you are done to the level. Your job is so simple. But even for a second you will late then the game is over. On your choice, in it, you can choose to play between three difficulties. Choose according to how good you are in it. And then start making decisions that will save your life.

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Download Link: Tunnel Rush_v1.21.- 23.2 MB

Features Of Tunnel Rush

  • Tunnel Rush is a pretty good game with an interesting story.
  • You can easily choose to play in three modes choose which you like most.
  • Many different obstacles will be coming in your way trying to stop you.
  • The Graphics are just out of this world.
  • Also, very nice and tense background music is running in the background.
  • Different levels are available which you can play.
  • There is also a lot more which you can do in this game and can enjoy it.
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Tunnel Rush
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